Increase Operational Efficiency
and Effectiveness

End-to-end coverage of the insurance processes and actors’ concerns of Insurance ecosystem

Fast to

SFS Insurance Software enables new Insurance products and product revisions to be quickly and cost effectively brought to market through various sales channels; self-service portals mobile apps, broker networks, aggregator websites, schemes or direct to market.

Modules or
Complete Solution

SFS may be implemented as a complete Insurance Software solution for end-to-end transactions and full insurance lifecycle, or deployed in modules to add additional functionality to existing Insurance systems. In this way, the life of a legacy system may be extended or replacement may be undertaken in stages.

Product Modelling &

The system incorporates a powerful Product Builder, consisting of a Form Builder, Pricing Engine, Product Logic and Workflow Engine facilitated through an easy drag and drop interface. This enables products to be quickly built and tested prior to release or for modelling purposes.

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