Reorganization in SFS Management

New regulation, which is building a new and modern office began transporting ITU ARI Teknokent SFS, spread over a thousand square meters of open office team has created a comfortable and efficient work environment. The new office staff of experienced professional staff with a young and dynamic SFS aims to provide a high quality service by using the collective intelligence of the hierarchy, but it is important information, and message, teamwork, and believes that transparency will bring greater efficiency of a building is absolute.

Place names of the board of directors has strong SFS structure of the new year, the joint-stock company SFS staff of the Board of Directors held during the restructuring process is a structure change and went to leave the future of stronger values.

Information technology, banking and insurance industry veterans Mustafa Su, Ender Çelebi and his family brought a Müjdat Ulutekin SFS. This powerful as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company in the formation of one of the two main partners Ercan Turfan, the Executive Chairman of the Board, the company became a founding partner Gültekin Günal. SFS, N. Burak Dülge was appointed as the General Manager of Dülge's employees with the establishment of the management team and the new paradigm-ment to give the mission to differentiate perspectives gained power.

Mustafa from independent members on the Board of Directors of Water, Turkey Union of Insurance and Reinsurance businesses act Past President and General Manager of Anadolu Insurance CO. Prior Period, Prior Period Aknet rare Celebi and Akbank General Manager Assistant General Manager, Müjdat Ulutekin The General Director of Prior Period Millennium Bank tasks. General Manager N.Burak Dülge senior management positions in the insurance and IT sectors took part.

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