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Reorganization in SFS Management

SFS of the leading companies of the sector, organization 21 ın accordance with the vision to be the changing global market, taking a strategic decision in the corporate structure, administrative staff began to be made ​​again until. General Manager of SFS N. Burak Dulge was assigned.

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Liberty Insurance & SFS Success Story

Remarking that they employ technology as a competitive advantage that supports their growth strategy, Liberty Insurance General Manager Ragıp Yergin said 'SFS Technologies support our company's goals.'

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Turkish Software in Cologne University

Cologne University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest applied universities of Germany with 450 professors and 18,000 students from 93 countries receiving education in 45 different fields. The university trains Insurance, Business or Management department students with innovative business models and advanced technology in the Information Management and Software Development fields.

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