Billing Center

SFS Billing System manages all the finnacial releations with channels, customers, and service providers.


In the form of a pre-accounting system, all your financial transactions are created by the system automatically according to your policy, claim and reinsuance transactions. Taxes, commissions and policy payment plans are automatically processed.

Payment collection transactions are monitored in great detail, and it is possible to increase collection speed by ensuring a fault-free and quick operation. With comperative data analyses, the system helps you with the neccessary decisions to direct your financial relations in a healthy manner.

Collection Entry with Multiple Payments

Collections performed with different means of payment are entered. All payments taken from a direct customer or a sales channel can be entered into the system as a whole. Different methods of payments can be used. In this way, your financial operation becomes faster.

Distribution of Financial Transactions

Credit Transactions can be distributed to debit transactions and also the opposite can be done. You can see if the installments of a policy or an endorsement are paid or not and the payments and amounts that close each installment. Distrubition of financial transactions can be accomplished by manual selection, or automatically by the sytem according to the FIFO principles. In this way, while collections are monitored on a policy and installment basis, follow-up analysis on a channel and customer basis can be performed concurrently. Cancellation endeorsments may close their own policy installments or installments of another policy.

Payment Collection Control System

The selection of those whose payments are delayed payments, is performed by the system automatically. A policy’s status can be manually changed into ‘suspension’ with the help of suspension operations in the system.

Integration with Financial Institutions

With the help of Winsure Bank Integrator, payment data related to credit cards or other means of payment may be shared electonically among financials institutions and your company. The data structure of the transmitted information can be defined separately for each company. No software coding is necessary for this operaitons.