Policy Center

SFS policy management system(PMS) supports all insurance lines of business.


SFS PMS is integrated complete policy management system supporting all insurance line of business. This is not only a software system, but also a platform that increases the communication of all employees, channel and service providers.

Robust functions of SFS PMS

  • Market Oriented Product Design
  • Automatic Commission System
  • Advanced Underwriting Rules
  • Intelligent Renewal Operations
  • Cross Sales and Upsales Facility
  • State Through Process
  • Remarkable competitive Advantages in BankInsurance
  • Complete Policy Lifecycle Management
  • BPM Based System
  • Multi-currency Multi-lingual System

Policy Management System Benefits

Fast Market Penetration

Product definitions can be defined very easly and in a short time by Market Oriented SFS Product Designer without the need of changing software codes. It has been produced for international use by SFS with flexible tax, adress designers, and with a structure that can operate in different languages and diffferent currencies.

BPM Based System

All Underwriting and renewal processes can be designed by SFS eBPM. When strategies change, your system is your assistant to apply changes.

Customer Centered Insurance System

Technology advances are changing customer expectations and the demand to retain profits while also maintaining competitive advantage with new products and exceptional customer service has never been higher. At the same time, efforts to minimize escalating operational costs, maximize revenue streams, and modernize obsolete systems remain critical objectives.

Increase Renewal Rates

SFS Intelligent Renewal System increasingly focus to market “negative churn” rates as well as renewal rates exceeding 100%, it is worth digging deeper into how you can increase your rates of renewal, gain some insight into the topic, and increase the profitability of your business.

Achieve Underwriting Excellence

Achieving underwriting profitability in this rapidly changing market requires enhanced risk analysis and an optimized workflow to focus on high-value responsibilities.