Social Media Center

The Product of Choice for Insurance Companies Looking to Have Social Media Presence


iNet Social is an innovative Online Insurance Sales and Online Survey application that offers an enhanced end-to-end cloud-based solution that operates on all social media platforms and is compatible with all platforms including smart mobile devices.

iNet Social application allows:

Online Insurance Sales Platform

  • Quoting
  • Policy Administation
  • Claim Payment
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Customer Infromation Update
  • Campaign Management
  • Information
    • - Renewal
    • - Claims Condition
    • - Special Day Celebrations
    • - Claim Document
    • - Adjuster Assignment

Online Survey Platform

  • Earning Customers and/or Collecting Target Customer Data
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Performing Needs Analysis forInsurance Sector
  • Competitor Analysis

Key Benefits for Insurance Companies, Agencies, Brokers and Alternative Sales Channels

  • Accessibility

    Any time, anywhere accessibility on all devices including mobile phones increases customer base and sales volume

  • Dynamism

    Dynamic structure offered by social media platforms allows for regular updates on micro and macro Insurance applications

  • Measurability

    Quality of products and services can be measured by reviewing the instant feedback and messages received from customers on various social media platforms. This contributes to improving customer satisfaction and overall service quality

  • Right Communication Strategy

    Listening to the needs of customers, collecting data, and creating campaigns increases interactive communications with target customer segments

  • Increased Sales Power and Revenues

    Increased number of alternative sales channels with the addition of Web and Mobile technologies resulting in higher policy sales volume

  • Comprehension

    A common social media platform offers a common language and eliminates any communication gap between generations

  • Efficiency

    Utilized as a digital marketing tool, reduces the cost of marketing activities and increases the reach and overall efficiency of such activities

  • Customer Experience

    Improves customer satisfaction through interactive communication anywhere, anytime

  • Customer Loyalty

    Increases customer loyalty through direct communication, customized products and campaigns

  • Brand Awareness

    Enhanced brand awareness thanks to the extensive use of social media platforms by large masses and the availability of advertising and promotional marketing tools on the iNet Social application

  • Hot Sales Opportunity

    Hot sales opportunities through two-way communication features